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Monday, November 9, 2009

LTE vs Wimax - Deployments


WiMax provides broadband wireless connectivity to the last mile. WiMax can be deployed to provide fixed and mobile broadband data/voice services. It is primarily deployed to provide fixed broadband services. The following are some real world applications of WiMax technology:

- Mobile commerce
- Video Surveillance
- Education
- IPTV services
- Mobile Broadband (for ex., WiBro, a home grown Korean mobile WiMax is integrated with mobile handsets, MP3 players, Laptops, gaming devices)
- Remote monitoring of fixed assets
- Networks-on-wheels for staff
- Global Positioning Systems
- Connectivity for Distribution Automated (DA) devices (Utilities companies)
- Backhaul for smart meter collectors (Utilities companies)


LTE is positioned as the next generation mobile wireless technology, providing an upgrade path to 4G from 3G. The technology is standardised and there are several trials going on throughout the world (Verizon, NTT-Docomo, TeliaSonera, Tele2, China Mobile are some early adopters). LTE technology will be used to provide Mobile broadband services (Large-scale live streaming, downloading and sharing of rich multimedia content such as videos & music, Data connectivity to cameras/camcorders etc.,). We'll continue to learn about the real world applications as more & more operators start to deploy services using the technology.

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