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Sunday, November 8, 2009

4G LTE vs WiMax - Sneak Peek

        • An All-IP radio technology that increases the capacity of mobile telecommunication networks
        • 3GPP Standard
        • 115 Mbps speed
        • Mobility rate of 350 km/hr
Primarily a replacement for last-mile wired broadband technologies (DSL & Cable)
IEEE Standard
10 Mbps speed
Mobility of 120 km/hr
Data intensive mobile applications (such as online videos) and mobile devices (such as iPhones & Blackberrys) trigger the need for LTE
Need for providing Internet access to places where laying fiber cables  is not  technically/economically feasible (such as rural areas)
Uses multi-layer antenna solution to achieve high data rates (MIMO )
Uses OFDMA & SCFDMA for air interfaces
Uses dynamic burst algorithm modulation adaptive to the physical environment the RF signal travels through
Uses OFDMA & SOFDMA for air interface
Trials are happening in US, Europe,  Japan, China & Korea

(Also read: LTE vs WiMax Deployments
Majority of the trials & deployments are happening in the developing countries (Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico etc.,)
Commercial deployments expected to happen in 2010
Commercial deployments are happening in several places, already

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