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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Introduction to Diameter Protocol

The purpose of this Diameter presentation is to give you an introduction to Diameter Protocol. The following topics are covered in this PPT material.

Protocol Basics

- Why Diameter
- What is Diameter
- Diameter Protocol Architecture
- Differences between RADIUS & Diameter

Functional Nodes

- Diameter Client
- Diameter Server
- Diameter Proxy/Relay Agent
- Diameter Redirect Agent
- Diameter Translation Agent

Key Features

- Peer Detection
- Capabilities Exchange
- Transport Failure Detection
- Failover/Fallback Procedures
- Accounting


- Capabilities Exchange Request/Response
- Accounting Request/Response
- Re-Auth Request/Response
- Session Termination Request/Response
- Abort Session Request/Response
- Disconnect Peer Request/Response
- Device Watchdog Request/Response

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