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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diameter Test Tools List

Are you ready to test your Diameter implementation? Are you looking for some Diameter test tools? The following are some of the Diameter test tools that I came across:

1. Diameter plugin/extensions for Apache JMeter from Computaris

The Diameter module for JMeter is a versatile testing tool that gives the possibility to configure standard Diameter applications and their variants, to build specific message flows and validation conditions, and to specify timing and throughput parameters in the common graphical interface. The tool comes with predefined messages and AVPs, and in addition to this, the user can define the format of other messages and other AVPs permitting testing of any message format and any type of AVP, standard or vendor specific.

2. Seagull

Seagull is a open source multi-protocol traffic generator test tool. Primary aimed at IMS protocols, Seagull is a powerful traffic generator for functional, load, endurance, stress and performance tests for almost any kind of protocol. Currently supports Diameter, XCAP over HTTP, TCAP (GSM Camel, MAP, Win) protocols.

3. HCL Diameter Test Tool

HCL Diameter test tool is developed using TCL scripting language. This Test Tool runs on pre-defined test cases that check the Diameter DUT (Server or client) for protocol conformance and functionality. It is suitable for IMS vendors.

4. Codenomicon Diameter Test Tool

Codenomicon Diameter test tool is a Java based black-box test tool. Contains tests for Diameter base protocol, and Mobile IPv4/EAP/Credit Control/NASREQ applications. This tool is meant to be used as a Diameter client to test the Diameter server functionality.

5. Spirent Landslide

Landslide AAA Diameter provides a comprehensive test system that emulates a Diameter client interacting with a AAA Diameter server for authentication, authorization and accounting functions. By emulating the key client functions, Landslide AAA Diameter provides real-world emulation of millions of authorization and accounting transactions. Supports Diameter Base protocol and NASREQ applications testing.


  1. you forgot Spectra2 tektronix

  2. Also the best product for diameter performance testing, dsTest http://www.developingsolutions.com/products.html

  3. Tektronix Spectra2 is by far the superior test tool for Diameter