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Monday, December 24, 2012

Need for Software Defined Networks (SDN)

Why do we need SDN? What are some factors that drive the need for adoption of Software Defined Networks (SDN)? This article answers these questions.

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  1. Routers and Switches from popular vendors have a closed architecture, with a tight dependence on hardware. This results in increased R&D time and budget, which gets passed on to the customers. Next generation networking architectures should reduce the dependency on custom ASICs and proprietary technologies.
  2. Today’s network architectures are not scalable for ‘big data’ applications that are bandwidth hungry and latency sensitive. 
  3. Networks should be equipped to handle diverse traffic patterns generated by new applications - ranging from a two line status update on a social media website to a movie streamed online to a television.
  4. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model creates the need for added security policies in Enterprises. Networks should be programmable to dynamically add or remove support for devices.
  5. Need for a platform to innovate - by allowing administrators to develop and test network applications in a production network, without impacting other services on the network.
  6. Simplify the provisioning of network services. For example, when someone signs up for a cloud based service the corresponding network configuration should be automatically created and rolled out.
  7. Simplify the administration of a production network. For example, removing a router from the network should not create the overhead of physically programming several other routers or switches in the network.

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