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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

LTE Test Tools / Test Suites

This blog post captures the 4G / LTE test tools and test suites


IXIA - IXCatapult

A total LTE testing solution which includes verification of core network elements such as MME, ePDG, PCRF, SGW, HSS, PDN Gateway and interworking with more established network technologies. Ixia addresses all LTE test concerns by providing the most cost-effective and complete test system. IxCatapult/LTE includes full LTE protocol library, tools, hardware and prepackaged test scenarios. Ixia test systems provide realistic network scenarios and user traffic simulating multiple UEs to full eNode B capacity.

Spirent LTE Testing Solution

Spirent LTE Testing solution includes the following products:
  • 8100 Automated Device Test System - LTE/multimode mobile device RF performance, system selection and data throughput performance. RF, protocol, RRM conformance testing (with AT4 wireless) 
  • SR5500 Wireless Channel Emulator - Wireless receivers in both mobile devices and eNodeBs 
  • Landslide Performance Test Solution - Simulation of real-world traffic models for packet core networks 
  • Spirent TestCenter - Integrated solution for testing converged Ethernet Mobile Backhaul networks 
  • Spirent TestCenter Live - Live network monitoring and service assurance solution 

Nethawk EAST LTE

NetHawk EAST LTE enables wrap-around-testing of eNodeB. NetHawk EAST LTE wraps eNodeB by using S1, X2, and LTE Uu interfaces and simulates both control plane and userplane with the help of supported Test Mobiles. NetHawk EAST LTE can be used in functional and load testing. In functional testing, NetHawk EAST LTE can send or receive any protocol messages of the supported interfaces. It also generates and receives IP user plane messages. In load testing, NetHawk EAST LTE simulates heavy load of control plane and userplane traffic.

Agilent - MIMO Tester

The flexible MIMO RF signal analysis and generation systems/software allow for any MIMO configuration up to 8x8 for MIMO-ready vector signal generators/analyzers using the MIMO synchronization unit.

Rohde Schwarz LTE Test Equipment

Our scalable multi-standard platforms support all major standards in one box, featuring MIMO tests with realtime fading for LTE, WiMAX™, HSPA+, WLAN, etc. To provide leading-edge solutions for the LTE standard, Rohde & Schwarz actively supports NGMN, LSTI, 3GPP, and many more.

SignaLion SORBAS 3GPP LTE UE Tester

The SORBAS 3GPP LTE Test-UE is designed for testing evolving LTE mobile communications infrastructure and networks. It has the capabilities of a 3GPP LTE mobile terminal, with additional advanced test interfaces and features, making it an ideal tool for network infrastructure equipment developers requiring the following:

    * PHY, MAC & RLC tests
    * IODT and IOT testing
    * full feature protocol test (with L3 option)
    * Multi-UE & Load testing (with Multi-UE option)
    * Monitoring for field trials

TCS - Analyzer and Logger for Protocol Stack (ALPS)

Analyzer and Logger for Protocol Stack (ALPS) is a Long Term Evolution (LTE) protocol stack testing tool designed and developed by Tata Consultancy Services, which provide the features for independent and integrated testing of any module of the LTE protocol stack. ALPS encompasses the characteristics of a hybrid architecture comprising a generic core and stack specific wrapper, thus providing an LTE test suite which is user friendly and is reusable for other protocol stacks that use message-based communication.

Polaris Networks - LTE Protocol Conformance Testers

Polaris Networks is developing a comprehensive portfolio of Protocol Conformance Test solutions for LTE Telecom Equipment Manufacturers, System Integrators and Service Providers. These test solutions will minimize the time required to design LTE equipment and deliver it to the market place.

The LTE Protocol Conformance Testers determine the extent to which LTE User Equipment, Base Stations and Core Network Gateways conform to standards specified by 3GPP. The conformance testers are designed to verify the behavior of the Device Under Test by creating different test scenarios of control message exchanges. The test tools test the mandatory requirements of the Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols as well as the optional features.

The LTE Protocol Conformance Tester includes:

TechMahindra LTE Test Suite and Tools

This is a basic LTE-AE E2E validation test suite for validation of scenarios as per 23.401. The suite supports tests for EPS Bearer and Session Management, Radio Resource Management. It supports Non-Access Stratum procedures and S1 procedures. The suite includes readily available comprehensive Test Suite UE and Network initiated Test Suite. The test suite covers test scenarios for following interfaces:

UE -> eNodeB (Uu), eNodeB -> MME (S1-C), MME -> HSS (S6a), SGW -> MME (S11), SGW -> eNodeB (S1U), PGW -> PCRF (S7), SGW -> PDNGW (S5/S8), PGW -> PDN(Sgi)

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